Tourist Hotel in the center of Thessaloniki

Built in the early 19th century, the listed historical building which houses the hotel is one of the shining jewels of Thessaloniki. The neoclassical architecture sets it apart from the surrounding apartment buildings and draws the attention of passers-by, while visitors who enter the hotel are overcome by a sweet sense of nostalgia. The aristocratically elegant décor, with antique furniture and period items at every turn, transport visitors to another era with a promising sense of comfort and relaxation.

Allow the feeling of a magical past to sweep you away and enjoy an unforgettable experience of family hospitality at the Tourist Hotel, in the heart of Thessaloniki.

Popular Rooms

A warm, comfortable, light, high-ceilinged room. The ideal choice for one person
A cosy, light, high-ceilinged room. Perfect for two people.
The ultimate relaxation in fully renovated high-ceiling rooms with luxurious neoclassic decoration.


Free Transfer for 4 nights stay

Make your booking for 4 nights and take advandage of our free transfer offer from and to Thessaloniki airport.
*The offer applies only for direct online reservation from the official website.
*The offer applies upon availability and is not cumulative with other promotions.


In the heart of Thessaloniki

Strolling across Aristotelous Square towards the waterfront, the port emerges on the right. It is one of the liveliest spots in the city. Just opposite is the Ladadika district, a historical area with narrow, stone-paved streets that lead to two main squares lined with tiny bars and cafés serving tsipouro and their famous, mouthwatering meze. Once Thessaloniki’s nightlife gets going at the countless bars located further up, in the area around Valaoritou Street, it never stops. Welcome to our magical city!