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The Tourist Hotel’s advantageous location, right in Thessaloniki’s historic centre, and its easy access to and from the airport, place it at the top of the list for visitors. When stepping out of the hotel, guests will find themselves in one of the city’s most frequented spots along Mitropoleos Street, one of Thessaloniki’s main commercial thoroughfares. Guests will find it easy to explore any number of the city’s picturesque districts and to see the sights without needing some type of transport.

The impressive Thessaloniki waterfront, with the city’s emblematic White Tower, is just a few metres away, while a 10-minute walk through Aristotelous Square will take you to the ancient Roman Forum, one of the most notable monuments of the era in the city.

The beginning

The Boutsioukis family’s involvement with the hotel business dates back to nearly a century ago. There were no cars then around the main part of the Thessaloniki waterfront, near Aristotelous Square – only roads filled with people and fishermen bringing in their catch every morning on their fishing boats.

Dimitris Boutsioukis was just starting out as a hotel employee then – the first in his family to work in the hospitality industry. As he learned the secrets of the profession over the years, he gradually came to realise that offering the best possible service to travellers was very satisfying.

This led him to eventually lease the building which now houses the Tourist Hotel.

The hotel today

And that’s how his love for hospitality and his passion for creating a unique travel experience began to grow into tradition shared by family. It was passed down by the grandfather to his son and daughter, and eventually to his grandsons, Vasilis and Dimitris Margaritopoulos.

Their vision was clear and simple: to continue their long-held family tradition in hospitality, preserving the character and style of a more romantic era while offering all of the modern amenities that guests require nowadays. And they did it.

These days, the Tourist Hotel is one of the best options for a stay in the heart of Thessaloniki. It is known for its warm, family atmosphere that makes every guest feel comfortable and right at home.


The city that will steal your heart
Historic centre
The oldest marketplaces are located in the historic centre: Kapani – one of the city’s oldest produce markets, Modiano covered market and Athonos Square, with its countless tavernas.
There’s something magical about this city. Something that speaks to every visitor. Everyone who has ever visited has taken a part of it with them, and left behind a part of themselves.